Breakfast Plus  (1st Sunday of month)   8.30.- 10.00 am
On 1st Sunday in the month breakfast includes sausage and /or bacon rolls, cereal, toast, fruit juice and a hot drink. 

This is followed by various themed activities suitable for all ages, (toddlers through to 80 years). 

There is a short act of worship with song and message before leaving to participate in sport, a family day or a church service.

The theme of Breakfast Plus recently was LOVE. (Luke 2:41-52)

Most parents have felt their heart drop when they can’t locate their child in a crowd.

That’s how Mary and Joseph must have felt when they were on their way home from to Jerusalem after the Feast of the Passover and suddenly discovered Jesus wasn’t amongst their big group of family and friends. They hurried back to Jerusalem and spent 3 days searching for him so imagine how they felt when they finally found him in the temple – totally relieved, exhausted and cross. 

Mary told him how worried they were but Jesus told her the temple was the first place they should have looked for him.

Jesus loved God so dearly that he wanted to be close to Him in the Temple and learn all about Him from the teachers there.

Here is one of the activities. The children built a temple out of duplo.

Duplo temple