House Groups
[Not currently meeting due to Covid restrictions]
There have been a number of House Groups which meet in members’ homes. The aim is to study the bible and other Christian themes as well as encourage fellowship within the group. 

These were the House Groups meeting prior to March 2020:

Each Monday morning at 10.30am in Downs View, Bradford on Avon. 
This group is led by Peter Walker.

Each 1st and 3rd Thursday evening at 7.30pm in Deverell Close, Bradford on Avon.
This group is led by Fay Kirk.

There is often another House Group which meets on a Sunday evening once a month in Deverell Close. This is led by Jim and Avril. Please see up to date details on the Calendar.

If you would like to ask any questions about the House Groups - and you are wondering, for example,  what it might be like to join one - please speak to one of the leaders or contact our Church Coordinator on the Contact Page.