Junior Church 

The Junior Church has a warm welcome for everyone - from 3 year olds through to teenagers. 

Junior Church is held each Sunday Morning from 10.30 – 11.30am, except for:

  • the first Sunday of the Month when Breakfast Plus takes place

  • the fifth Sunday of the month when there is All Age Worship

Children share with adults in first part of the Church Morning Worship then have their own groups with stories and activities. 
The Scripture Union material is used in three groups:
                            • Bubbles
                            • Splash
                            • Xstream / The Grid

Stormy Weather

The children have been learning about Noah which coincided with our recent bad weather due to Storm Ciara.

Noah's ark 

The story of Noah is about the serious consequences of sin but also about God's rescue plan. 

God told Noah that he would never flood the world again. 

Why? Jesus! He died to rescue us from sin so that we can be friends with God.


If you would like further information or have any questions please contact Ailsa Hall through the Coordinator email link on the Contact Us page.