We believe that Prayer is a truly important and ever-present part of our lives.
Prayer is not just for Sundays - it's for Life! 

Currently, we meet weekly via  Zoom - each Wednesday from 2.30pm - 3pm. You will be most welcome to join us - please get in touch through our Church Coordinator on the Contact Page.

Before Covid restrictions, the arrangements in place followed the pattern below:

Time for Prayer is an opportunity to meet during the week. For those who are able to get there, we have been meeting in the Church at 2.30pm on the first Wednesday of the month. Very informally, with the support and leadership of our minister. 
Please see our Calendar for the next 'Time for Prayer'.
Occasionally, we have a 'special' prayer day - below is one we had in September 2019.  


Prayer Day in the Church

The Church was transformed into a wonderfully inviting space for our Day of Prayer, arranged in eight areas. Each area focused on a different aspect of our lives, with simple visual aids and prayers to guide us. Gentle meditative music played in the background and projected on the screen were images to help contemplate the beauty of God's creation.

Some images giving a taste of what our Prayer Day looked like:

 Prayer  Day September 2019 Prayer  Day September 2019 overview Prayer  Day Prayer September 2019   Prayer  Day September 2019 overview Prayer  Day September 2019 Our Town Prayer  Day September 2019 The World   Prayer  Day September 2019 Stones of Forgiveness Prayer  Day Prayer September 2019 Prayer  Day September 2019 Beads of Calmness  Prayer  Day September 2019 Prayer Tree